Nadda’s Elusive Vibrant Fashion Collection

Pakistani Fashion industry is not void of talent. Our fashion platform is packed with designers who cover all fashion niches. From bridals and traditional to casuals and chic, hip hop outfits – we have it all, and we have it the best.In the midst of this energetic ambiance of creative brilliants, we have a designer who dwells in this industry under her own vibrant fashion world labelled ‘Nadda’.Nadda uses her conventional sense of fashion, recreating it with scintillating embellishments upon high quality fabrics to create an impeccable creation. When designing, she keeps forth the needs of the contemporary women of 21st century, who is confident and ready to accept any challenge that stands her way.




Nadda’S Collection Hip Hop Outfits






Nadda Salim Traditional Collection






Nadda Salim Elusive Modern Woman Fashion Collection





Nadda Salim Elusive Fashion Collections





Nadda Salim Elusive Casuals Chic Fashion





Nadda Salim  21St Century Elusive Fashion Collections





Designer Fashion Nadda’S Collection



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