Latest Embroidery Abaya Designs

Latest Embroidery Abaya Designs are  Combining stone work, sequins, beads and crystals with simple embroider too has come to be one of the latest trends in Abaya fashion.

Now a days  Abaya is available in every bazar with   variety of colors that have combined embroidery and fashion to make the Islamic woman of today look more beautiful and confident.

Stunning embroidery on the neck, sleeves and lower portion of the dress can enhance the beauty and value of any garment making it truly hard to resist for any woman who loves to dress up.

3 thoughts on “Latest Embroidery Abaya Designs

  1. really i loved ur designs of abaya but do our islam promotes to wear such type of abaya which shows figure of a woman ?

  2. I love the collection of the abayas you have. How can I order the preferable designs and how can I give my measurements? Where are you located? Please let me know.

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