Hijab Prom and Ball Gowns wedding Dress

Hijab is a style of duppta wearing by Muslim women.It is a kind of head scarf .As in the Islam women should do veil while go outside. so when the Muslim girl go for marry so she also will prefer to wear Vail of decent or islamic dress with Hijab.So here are some styles of hijab which can wear on wedding .that are elegant and beautiful styles.







6 thoughts on “Hijab Prom and Ball Gowns wedding Dress

  1. Salaam. The dresses are beautiful. Yes, we have much more choice than people think in the matters of attire. But withing the limits of what is acceptable in Islam. Dresses like some of these, skin tight or/and see-through, transparent, showing all the skin underneath, are certainly not modest enough for a Muslim, however, they are probably modest enough for a Christian or non-Muslim woman that wants to cover up more, tired of nowadays’ fashions that focus rather on taking off more clothes than actually dressing a person…;* A Muslim wearing hijab is not allowed to show the curves and the skin colour. Clothes don’t have to be loose like a bag but they also cannot be too tight. They need to be just right. They cannot be transparent because there is no point in wearing them if anyway we are going to show the skin… ;*
    And of course, hijab is a moral obligation, too, which means we observe certain general rules – modest behaviour, not provocative and sublime. We do not do certain things in order to preserve our modesty and our dignity – because hijab was ordered for the protection of our sacred life and our own respect, and not to humiliate us or anything like that… ;*

    Thank you.
    Aisha B.;*

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