Dazzle Red Orange And Yellow Prom areĀ  gorgeous strapless open neckline floor length full ball gown with pull-up tufted skirt and back zipper closure.

The neckline that cuts straight around the back is accented with soft mini pleats. The bodice and pleating is decorated with scattered crystal beads and pearls down to the drop waist.

Dazzle Red Orange And Yellow Prom will make any evening special.
Orange is a luscious, fresh color that puts a radiant glow on your skin. Just like red and pink, orange prom dresses are ultra-feminine no matter what the style.




  1. Leaah says:

    i LOVE the first red dress i would love to wear it to a prom but im in year 7 so thats like another 4 years away but my friend was saying that for her birthday she would like to have a prom type thing i saw this dress and feel in love with it. i was wondering if you new wear i could find out like it but smaller

    thank you

  2. ave says:

    um i like the yellow dress but how do i purchase this

  3. Fallon says:

    I love the yellow with the black lace on it! I am officially in love!!! : )

  4. Danielle Ryan says:

    i love the yellow 1 do you have any websites for me so i could find 1 just like it for my prom night

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